Monday, June 17, 2013

Day one Desert hot springs to some spot on the road 107 miles later

This was one hot day!  We began our leg, a little late which was an indcation of the day to come.  We were paired with team #one.  Tim Paton, Bob Findley, Garheard P. and Jason Zimmerman.  At the 4 mile point we started the first climb of  4 modest climbs. My rear tire flayed at about mile thirty, a quick change and off we went. Idealistic about the rest of the day, afterall, in a group of eight if somthing else was going to happen, it was someone else's turn. On the next decent, I found myself riding in the SAG car for the next 30 miles. Although, I had already consumed over a galon of water, the 118 degree temps won the moment. Both my hamstrings completly locked up with cramps to the point of falling of my bike, not able to get out of my pedals.

It took all of the thirty miles, following the remaining riders Ray Melberg, Chris Taylor and Lee Weigand at 20 mph one and a half hours to recover enough to finish the ride. We had two others fall out from heat issues and Ray and I were able to bring in the last 28. Thanks for your prayers but we have the same tomorrow.

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  1. My legs hurt just thinking about it.
    God is with you every step or pedal. Good luck tomorrow and hopefully a bit cooler.