Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day Nine London Onterio

Check out my 37.1 mi Ride on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/331013056

Day Eight into canada

Check out my 56.9 mi Ride on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/331451680

Saturday, June 20, 2015


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Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 5 leg 4

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Day 6 leg 1 done 100.8 miles.

Check out my 50.0 mi Ride on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/328677426

This is somthing I shared with my team yesterday, we could complete every mile of riding do every leg with perfection but I will be very disappointed if we can!t get some of the 115 children that are waiting to get into a Care point sponsored. A care point provides a large meal each day, provides their school tuition and supplies, provides tutering, health screening and Home visits. Please, consider sponsoring a child. We are carrying sponsorship  cards like this one for a number of children, message me and I will send you information about the ones we have. Or

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Photos from today

Starting out in Delta, pacelining through highway 50, a brief rest at Holden UT, we Finished at Salina UT at Mom's Caffee. We also met an older man named Carl, in Scipio UT, as we were talking to him he shared he was concerned because he was having open heart surgery on Thursday. We took some time and prayed for him. Would you do the same please.

www.rideforhopectc.org Day 3 Leg 1

Check out my 69.5 mi Ride on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/326796912